Left Wing Supremacy

A Letter From the Left:

Dear Government,

Tell me what my rights are: I have voted for you, I have given you power to decide for me what my rights are, I have voted for your laws, and your legislation; thus, I have voted in your dictatorship over my freedom as an individual.


Dear Media,

Tell me how to think: I voted for more government, more legislation, more laws; thus, I have taken away my own personal freedom as an individual.

Tell me what to think: I do not know how to think for myself, I do not know what to think, and I am not capable of formulating my own opinion as an educated and informed individual. I lack interest in the topics discussed in the news, therefore, I do not know much about them; thus, I am only able to regurgitate what I hear from you.

I am angry: I do not know why, I do not know at who or about what, but I do know that I need a reason to continue to justify my anger- and you continue to give me a reason to be so.

I have a loss of identity: I do not know who I would be if I was not angry, therefore, I need a source to fuel my anger and you do just that. Without my anger, I do not who I am, what I believe, or what I stand for.

I am by the media and for the media, even though this same source has been at the root of corruption, manipulative and brainwashing tactics since it’s beginning.

I have voted for an incorruptible machine to control me, my every move, and even my destiny. I have voted for the machine to think for me and tell me who I am, how I feel, and what I stand for. Without the machine, I feel I would vanish because my identity and sole purpose would be lost.

Without the government, who would I be?

Without the media, what would I think?



With Love Forever,

A mass majority public opinion (that happens to be coming from the left)


P.S.- Anyone who does not think like me, or feel like me, is public enemy #1, which is why I suffer from left-wing supremacy and have become everything that I claim to hate.



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