Poetry It Matters: Soul Mate Song

It matters to me my voice this voice the voice in my head

the one that speaks to me softly, whispering to me I am not dead

My internal world is out of tune with all of the external chords

I sit here, so out of touch as I ponder the rest of the world

The disconnect, the sorrow, the solitude

it rips me apart in spite of my attitude

No amount of bliss could ever overcome

a familiar life robbed, ransacked, and then some.

I will spare the details of this current despair,

the enigma of my loneliness, discontent beyond repair

A stranger to myself in the dome of my brain

half way houses half way to insane.

This voice of mine it speaks to me in sounds

I can not escape from the noise that abounds

peaks range high and pits drop low

where my thoughts travel I do not know

It was never up to me to let my thoughts decide

where the hell they would take me on this roller coaster ride

Come hell or high water or anything between

this parallel universe has marked territory unseen.

In between the depths of my mind and despair,

a reconciliation of survival is quite aware

to survive in these depths is beyond a human mission

I never signed up or signed my life over to such a transmission.

My universe, my world is transmitted through ambiguous analogue

a life I once knew, and reality I lived is now prologue

the present for me exists from former blank pages

ones that delivered me from the hell of hell’s stages

I never belonged in that nightmare life of mine

those chapters are closed and blank now in my mind

no memory, no thought, will ever reveal

the sequence of events that are no longer real.

I abandoned a life that once abandoned me

and in my own presence I am set free

I am not the person I was before,

a dead black swan on a drunk dance floor.

I am caught in a web, or a limbo of myself

as I put the books of yesterday upon a shelf

some thoughts are gone, some memories remain.

I am still a dancing swan in this drunk game.

Time has passed but memories remain,

give me a glass of wine to unlock my pain,

My soul is untouched by this red glass of glory

unfolding one remaining legitimate story

Love is never lost in the sand of time,

nothing else matters in rhythm or rhyme

I once had a love that was a true love of mine

a love so true from an ether world it did shine

Illuminated by a gratuitous event of finding love

all else fails if it does not ascend from above

Not that facts of this world are not true

but divine grace intervenes and makes all anew

Like a drop of dew on a rose one magic morning

words to describe such a sight without mourning

beautify perception on a heavenly plane

wisdom without sight is utterly insanity

Insanity speaks it’s own verse of truth

memoirs of genius need no other proof

wisdom translates through it’s own medium

holy scriptures sung songs by a hymn

All in all these tiny facets of life

reflect and mirror a persons strife

the truth in this quest is that love conquers all

and when a voice of such a song sings love will call

answer the call when love’s voice sings

as it gently strums upon the heart strings

quartet strings by bow chords play

soul mate synchronicity till ends day.

The wind within my breath,

the beat within my heart,

the sunshine of my soul

into your arms I will rest.

Two souls of this fabric could not fabricate

the intertwining destiny of our fate

love is a light that casts it’s own shadow

when we’re apart it makes us shallow.

A new found fate is my dire destiny

for the soundtrack of our entire history

it sings in every sound and song

a true testimony to which we belong

Restless is my soul to speak

these very words that make me weak

only in fairy tales and dreams

did I ever believe in such things

You and me we do belong

you are the other half of this song

you are the air that makes my poetry breathe

without your breath there is nothing to believe

you are the life of me, my life and my reason

the eternity everlasting any season

forever and for always and always evermore

you are the poe in my poetry nevermore

words have withstood the test of time

love has conquered my hearts rhyme

all has not been fair in love and war

but the battles we won have got us here

these versus I write in poetry

matter much, they matter much to me

you are the poetry that matters most to me

you are the poetry of the ghost in me.


Soul Poem

My inner darkness never guided me in the right direction.

My inner most thoughts and soul see not their own reflection

Not in such a dark time and hour


It puzzles me, the tranquility of silence

I marvel in the miracle of words

The medium through which our stories are told

They capture me and in them I am lost

I am lost in the beauty of it all

Lost in the glory in the darkness and mystery

the depths their weight can bare

a novel with layers and the first one

is just beginning to be peeled back

how many shadows must I peel away

before you realize what I have to say

you want to be at the center of this universe

without realizing you are the sky that gave it birth

and you are the verse of my sky that contains this universe

and you are the sky that gave birth to my universe

you encompass all of the layers,

I will not find you at the end

I will not start at the beginning

your place in the part from end to start

is beyond a chapter, phrase, or word

you encompass the entire map of my world

Everything rests upon you and I

no tear drop, whisper, song, or sigh,

no epiphany, no dream, no memory

can ever replace the space in my life

that your soul embraced.


Not a shadow, not the past, not a memory no more,

yesterday is gone, yet I carry on,

you are with me even when you are gone

you carry me through the thin dying air

the empty space in your arms you carry me through

the timeless phases and stages that came between me and you

you lift me up even when you are away

for in essence you are not ever away

in my heart there is a story to tell

one of your undying memory that dwells

my heart is a dwelling place for kindred spirits like ours

skipping a beat, time ticks too fast, murmuring over this love at last

the past is but a shadow of yesterday, but love of this kind is half past noon

a new hour, a new time, a new tick, a new tock, who would have thought this

love was a clock, the time-keeper of our future

the frozen hours, arms, and glass feature

time standing still on a live love plain

love standing still until we end this game.

Time will never tell the hours of my heart

clocks will never tick this love apart

hands strike and sound a new hour

lost in the feet of this metric power

however many minutes move the second hand

the hour of our destiny is at your command

time will never tell the time of love

hell will freeze over before push comes to shove

you can re-set the hand on the watch on your wrist

but never the standard time we have missed

we can not go back

we can contemplate

and let the years go by to determine this fate

you can not rely on such a switch

nor can time ever tell you what is which

you have the hand for the second time

your second hand time keeper counting sands of mine

second chance, second hand, second sounds sound sweeter

than the first time your hand of time kept record of and held times gate keeper

unlock the doors of time, and let love in

the second hand, second chance, the seconds will win

second that notion, first time for this commotion

first hand, second chance only time of sweet devotion.

No time will tick away long enough to tell

this tale of time that no heart will sell

My heart beats, yes it is true

but something beyond the physical rhythm

the soul softly speaks of certain recognition

it’s own secret box of letters scatter deeper

as this heart of mine with memories grows weaker

the heart may be weak but love is strong

giving life to the chambers of this song.


Missing You

I wonder how I missed the opportunity,

or how the opportunity missed me.

Such losses have not been washed away by the sea

the mystery of what that tide would have rolled in is beyond me

yet has me washed up upon this shore presently

reflecting on the reflection in the secret sands of time

the tide is high with you on my mind

strong was the current we left behind

the waves of this currency bring in a tide of regret,

never remembering what I try so hard to forget. 

What could have been can not evade me

that something I missed can not escape me

It’s long lost remembrance not so lost upon me

the moments I choose to forget you set me free

too sad is the sorrow to wonder what if

what if

what if

what if

I can only imagine… how sad it must be

to have no closure in this love story

Today as I sit here, it came to me

a little bit of our history


Will there ever be a time that comes

To have a chance to write a new story

an everlasting chance somewhere

out there between now and forever

How was I to know how lucky I had been?

Lucky to have been left hangin’

The luck is often lost upon me

yet past being left hangin’ I think I see

what was lost once upon that memory

you washed up on shore with me

and left me stranded there

how was I to know you cared?

You cared to leave me


in the middle of nowhere

one thing is certain

behind this ominous curtain


I’m lost in this illusion

of my minds confusion

I can hardly determine

the mess I am in

Bystanders of my fate

avid readers of my fiction

illustrate for me

this missing piece of this diction

I am washed up on this lone sea shore

waves crashing down on what we had before

bring me back to that place.