Theoretical liberals I don’t doubt have good intentions

Theoretical liberals I don’t doubt have good intentions in theory, but I do doubt their views panning out in practice as well as they imagine. They sound great in theory, but in practice they don’t work. Time and time again, for this past year, the fallacies of theoretical practices have given way to see the reality of their unscrupulous loop holes. With them it is the same staunch beliefs, but a different party, named democrats. They are more staunch liberal than any republican ever was and unwilling to budge slightly for reasonable compromise. It is hard to understand their unwillingness to budge at all or their unwillingness to admit the faults of their idealistic theoretical utopian ideas. It is unfortunate that such stubbornness will cost so much in the end. When people start to wake up and smell the lies, it will become quite evident that they continue to justify their unrealistic hypothetical theories about issues that are not part of the problem. Nothing is really getting fixed because of their denial of the true problems, Obamacare is s cover-up for the true cost of health care, they continue to talk premium and bronze care talk and deviate once more, time and time again away from the issue at stake, as always. The issue is not insurance, it’s unaffordable health care in disguise of quote on quote “affordable insurance”, the insurance isn’t the problem, as much math as they continue to do comparing Obamacare to their own premiums, that is not going to solve the problem of costs being way past sky-high, costing arms, legs, and any assets people have left if any. The costs of healthcare are the issue, the costs of healthcare are the problem, not the new name of this alleged universal coverage referred to as Obamacare. It’s a total hoax, this is where they are making their money, by making people believe Obamacare will solve unaffordable healthcare costs, insured or uninsured, the cost of healthcare is more than anyone can afford and is costing trillions of dollars. It is signing up for universal debt, that this country will forever be indebted to if people do not realize the costs of healthcare need to decrease to a reasonable rate, first of all, and then the idealistic theories about universal health care for all can fly- soar even. But, until the true issue is addressed Obamacare is another disguised bail out, only this time he will not be bailing out the crooks at the banks on Wallstreet he will be bailing out the crooks in the healthcare industry on Wallstreet. This will even further hurt our economy, it is not the right move to make at this time, it only shows how out of touch the supporters of Obamacare are with the reality of healthcare, and their denial of how Romneycare has already proved to FAIL in Massachusetts. Romneycare is proof of a greater financial disaster to come. I am a idealistic, humanitarian with Utopian dreams too, but, I have a more practical and intuitive approach in assessing the real problems at stake here, this is a medical expenditure that we can not afford. I would rather see GMO-free food, start viewing food as medicine, and be truly progressive in a way that is beyond the confining corrupted business or government practices that claim to be another costly cure. Prevention is the best medicine, and it would be best if we prevented another financial disaster. Obamacare= financial ruin. Don’t buy the propaganda, it’s brainwashing BS that will only disappoint when it doesn’t go as hypothetically planned. People need to stop being staunch democrats, take an honest look behind the trendy politics selling this new and exciting propaganda and political attire and look beyond right or left agendas to see they are just two sides of the same coin of corruption and deceit. It’s not about right or left, it’s about facing the facts that republican, democrat are just two sides of the same coin, it is still politics, and politics have never had a history of honesty. This is honestly ridiculous that people are unable to see past brainwashing tactics, the persuasion of propaganda, and the marketing of political agendas to gain popularity. It is time to wake up and face the lies we have been sold for so long by people promising to fix things and never doing it. People have been taking a stand against GMO’s and other issues, this is good because if people don’t then those political gains will not be used for the intended purpose to fix things. We can not fix things without properly diagnosing the problem first, the problem is Obamacare is just another sham in a political game to win over voters, and then once elected nothing ever changes or improves. The reality about how badly Obamacare will screw up an already broken healthcare system and further lead this nation into bankruptcy is as clear as the light of day, if we continue to see insurance as the problem and not healthcare costs, we will only lead ourselves into another pit of financial ruin, we can not afford to be in denial here. The problem is healthcare costs, not insurance. With the demand of health insurance along comes skyrocket prices for healthcare and medical procedures, and new funds (aka tax-paying dollars) to redesign sparkly new healthcare facilities making the illusion and allure of such shiny happy places a cash register for consumers. They will draw you in, drug you up, and leave you in worse condition than you came, although the architecture and bright lights and happy pills will make you feel like you just purchased a new car for yourself, the happiness will wear off, the drugs are a lifetime prescription and there will still be a bill to pay, what did you just pay for exactly? A lifetime prescription for pills that claim to help? The drug industry is good at getting people hooked, but beware of prescription pills, you don’t always get what you bargained for. Mental health is the most broken health care facility of all, they do not advise anyone to stay away from drugs, but rather there are more “mental illnesses” than ever before, including the formerly excluded bereavement period. With a diagnosis of mental illness comes a prescription as well, just as along comes health insurance and up up UP go all of the costs to fund everything that keeps the health and mental health care providers in business. Pain in your big toe? That may be caused by… Name of new discovery and name of new pill to follow… have pain in your lower back? that could be caused by… so on and so forth, making people believe there is something “wrong” with them. Maybe there is nothing wrong, maybe that toe pain, or back pain is a growing pain of life, we are all predisposed to growing pains, but that is no reason for healthcare to capitalize on the vulnerable people here.. More and more we’ve created a monster and do not need to create more problems. I said it once (not in this particular article) and I will say it again, we need solutions, not more problems. We don’t have the money to have more problems, we need less problems and more solutions. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” we all need to start properly diagnosing the problems to fix the problems, otherwise it is just going to be more and more problems and failed attempts to fix things, why are things failing? The grand allusion of being able to buy happiness. Sure there are things that money can buy, and health is one of them, but not at the cost they are going for. We need cheap healthcare, fuck insurance, we need drastically low, dirt cheap services so people can get the help they need and not the services they signed up for. That is the solution, affordable healthcare, the problem are the increasing costs all across the board and services continuing to be unavailable and unaffordable, dirt cheap healthcare is innovative and intuitive, quick, fast, easy, hassle-free procedures, including but not limited to root canals, yes please. If you add up what you would spend on health insurance per year, as opposed to the cost of the service you need, the discrepancy should be clear, the cost per year of insurance could have covered that root canal. Some of the costs for an average healthy american to be insured outweigh the cost of medical needs, but I do not speak for everyone here. It is the needs that can not be met even with insurance that concern me, it’s a continual cycle of not even getting the help you need with or without insurance, it gives a lot of health care professionals less accountability because your visit will be pre-paid so service is already provided. What about quality? They are no longer accountable. It is a “universal” idea like any mass marketing scheme or happy meal, it will come in a package like any deal, and this shit is about to get real. Obamacare is the happy meal of the health care industry, what do you get when you order a happy meal? A facility, demands, and mass-produced appeal with a grand allure of happiness. We are beginning to mass manufacture another market and it won’t be long before there are GMO’s in the pills they prescribe, the ones that advertise synthetic happiness. Like anything else it lacks the real deal, no artificial colors or flavors, there is nothing organic about the health care industry, so if we are looking for a reform really need to start thinking organically to change these superficial constructs that cost more and promise more than what anyone bargained for. A good place to start will be with no GMO’s in our food, seeing the goodness and nutritional value of good quality food and seeing what we eat as preventative medicine to our health, here is where we can start if we really want to change anything… It won’t be a fast process, these genuine things take time, it could be many, many years before anything real gets changed at all, patience and determination will go a long way if anything is to ever get done. Let’s not give up, we’ve only just started. First things first, no GMO’s in our food, see food as medicine, see the healing properties of healthy and nutritious foods, and the preventative measures that a healthy diet include in the grand scheme of health.