Mental Health Reform thoughts

A mental health reform does not seem like a bad idea. The mental health system is broken. It is not just mental health institutions that are broken, it is also the coping processes of people, or therefor lack of, that are also failing. The mental health of all who witness such psychologically damaging tragedies, especially victim witnesses, which now extends to all viewers and media coverage of such events should have their mental health checked as they seem to be so deeply affected by such tragedies. Meanwhile, the families of the victims, and close friends of the victims are now at risk to be put up for further scrutiny by the damaging public witness opinions, who all  feel so deeply for the lives of others. For example, “life goes on” is a real true concern for the emotional well-being, and mental health of people directly affected by such unspeakable evil massacres. Meaning the mental health of the majority of people in this country should be examined, for the well-being of everyone. Mental health should be a primary focus for everyone, not just for the “sickos” and “criminals” but for the people who have been exposed to or witnessed the painful tragedies that sickos and criminals create. We do not want the general public to all become criminals or victims through osmosis, since they all feel impelled to get involved by voicing their volatile opinions about said tragedies. Victims, and true victim witnesses (family of devastating shootings, bombings, etc… in all due respect) definitely need to be understood, and able to express themselves and grieve, and have their privacy respected as well as their feelings. They are the ones who need to have their voices heard most, as the most vulnerable people in society,  instead of being drown out by the cacophonous noise of these all-knowing-paparazzi-hyenas. A margin of privacy would do a whole lot of good in such terribly unspeakable circumstances. Not only is privacy not being respected, but private matters are being exploited to the detriment of these poor families. Society as a whole seem to think these matters affect themselves more than the actual people affected. They mistake their opinion for a solution, and have to have a say about everything, their own opinion is most valuable to them. I am concerned for the people whose private matters these concern who have to be further victimized by such sympathetic comments as these, “this happens all the time in the Middle East, might as well get used to it”, or “it could be worse” and proceed to go looking far and wide for far worse comparisons, and less fortunate people, less fortunate circumstances, and worse tragedies as their examples. It could be worse, but it should have been prevented, and furthermore it does no one any good to bear such verbal abuse to these poor people. Leave them alone, for crying out loud, what is wrong with people? … and their liberal opinions.

Unfortunately, the public opinion does not make the grieving process easier, or better. For the most part, I think it is safe to say that the public opinion is doing even more damage to these poor people, on many levels. They have had it bad enough, it is hard enough to recover, the last thing they need is to be further victimized by ignorant comments. Ignorance is not bliss, and causes a great many greater unspeakable sorrow. There is no excuse for ignorance, yet it is being blasted all over the internet with no respect for the communities that have undergone these horrible tragedies. My opinion is not going to fix what they are going through or how they feel, or solve anything. It is best to let people grieve, offer the emotional support they need to get through the tough times, and don’t say “life goes on” (like a liberal would) because that is insensitive to people, although yes it is true, after 9/11/01 life does go on, but it is not the “right” thing to say. That is the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. It might be better to say, it will be a process (although that word can be annoying, because it takes “time”) but we’re here for you… etc… or “you will get through this, I’m here for you” or “I’m so sorry, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help”, and most importantly, “you are not alone, I am/ we are here for you” …. but NOT “life goes on”, because that is damaging, and insensitive and in all due respect, it is highly inappropriate. There are groups such as peace over violence and such because people might get angry, and have every right to be angry, but need to learn how to cope with these tragedies, because the majority of peoples coping skills are very poor, and the poor victims should not be further victimized by such insensitivity, and ignorance, and lack of empathy by those of “the liberal insensitive majority public”. Yes it is our right to know about the tragedies, but is not our place to tell other people how they feel, or what to do, or how to act, or to group them with similar tragedies and make them feel that their personal feelings and unique identity are not being respected. The world {as in the US, because the US is “our world”) becomes a very hostile place for these people when everyone starts commenting and doing nothing. These people need someone to go in there and help them put their lives back together, not sit around with a detrimental opinion.

Those “opinions” affect peoples lives. How would you feel if your dog died, and someone said, “life goes on”. There should be no place for that kind of public opinion, but unfortunately, the “comment” button on the internet makes it extremely difficult for these poor people to escape from such hostility. These damaging comments do not have respect for anyone’s privacy whatsoever. Unless it is a professional, those types of comments should not be allowed, and do nothing but further hurt these people, make their life more difficult, and take a huge emotional toll on them. These people are at a vulnerable place in their life, when they need to hear “it will be okay”, or “it is going to be okay”, there are these assholes and liberal jerks commenting that “life goes on” what an insult. I am offended for these poor people, to have to read some smart ass comment like that on the internet, hopefully they don’t see it or read it. I hope that they have the emotional support from family and friends, outreach groups, people who have suffered through loss, and professionals to help them get through it, instead of being compared to worse off places. Well, “it would have been worse in the Middle East”, is the latest two cents about the Boston bombings from these liberal people, but that was so last week. Unfortunately, the poor people affected by that  have to then be further victimized by comments made on the internet by some liberal insensitive smart ass, when they need someone to say the “right” thing, there are a bunch of liberals all saying the “wrong” thing. It is a huge grief to see people say the wrong thing at the wrong time, instead of saying the “right” thing, or just nothing at all, if they can’t offer a word of condolence.

Mental health is a huge concern for me because of the comment button on the internet. The kinds of comments people leave expose the victims to further public humiliation and damage. The public comments and opinions can cause deeper psychological damage through osmosis (osmosis means by assimilation or absorption) because the words stick to the persons mind, and seem to be permanent carvings on the internet that won’t go away, branded by cruelty. Let God be the judge. I personally have to chose not to be a victim of ignorance today, but it is hard, extremely hard. I have to not let the ignorant comments I see ruin my day, or get to me, that is the only choice I have, although the words remain. The permanence of words are even more permanent in writing on the internet. I am not personally involved, I am not a victim or a criminal, but I refuse to stand silent at such atrocity of public comments on private matters. It is upsetting to see , I can’t help but get angry for the people who are going through difficult times to have to be exposed to insensitive people that do not know them and are clearly not concerned for their well-being. People can’t control what other people say on the internet, or the comments left there for all to see, “life goes on”. It brings psychological damage to a whole new level of cruelty that did not exist before the internet came along. Furthermore, I fear that the wrong thing being said at the wrong time is going to cause a suicide, or another suicide bombing, which could all be prevented, with the banning of that comment button. If someone was feeling suicidal these days, a liberal comment would be this, “well everyone has felt suicidal”. Do not say that to someone who is feeling that way, if you can not help them, there is a 24 hour suicide hotline for them to call that can. I am very concerned about the mental health of the most vulnerable people of society being exploited at the cost of their own lives. That comment, those comments, can actually cost someone their life. I have never been one that wanted to be the straw on someone’s back, the final straw, that leads someone to their own death, I would not be able to live with that on my conscience. Nor can I sit around and not say anything as I see it continuing to happen, and instead of being resolved, more and more public opinions, more and more problems cost another person their life, and it could have been prevented. Let’s talk about prevention and safety, as these are the two most important factors in life. Suicide and deaths could have been prevented, had people been spared the inflict of ignorance. The comments on the internet are affecting people’s mental health, emotional well-being, and psychological welfare. I think these comments need to be banned from the internet in order to protect the well-being of the people concerned here, honestly.

You never know what someone is going through, and no one should ever assume. I have verbally abused people and not realized it too, but being aware of the toll of verbal abuse is imperative for the whole of society. There are too many liberals verbally abusing people, and taking no responsibility for the consequences in doing so. The “herods” of society, the abusers and corrupt should have no place in the arena of public opinion as to further damage the vulnerable as they consciously or unconsciously add insult to injury. I am tired of seeing it, “this happens all the time in the Middle East” they’ll say, as if it is acceptable. Furthermore, these liberals want to start advocating for the rights of criminals, who actually lose their rights as a human being once a crime is committed. Criminals do not have the same rights as people do. It actually hurts me to see the kind of insensitive massive response across the board as I do. Who are these sick liberals? Who are these “herods”?… these people are not part of the solution, in fact they are the root of the problem itself. They are just as corrupt to act as if it is okay or acceptable for suicide bombings, and other tragic events to occur because it is worse elsewhere. These people point out the obvious, “it could be worse”, are masters at manipulating people and using fallacies such as these events to further their own agendas instead of being genuinely concerned about the problems. They only find ways to exploit such tragedies in order to gain confidence in their own personal agendas or own personal gains, they work for their own profit, not for the well-being of society. They even try to lump together these criminals in the human pot of people, and sympathize with them, they even have sympathy for the criminals. I do not consider criminals as humans, they are subhuman, they are not human, not in my book, and the Bible is not referring to them either, they are their own subcategory. God has a place for such criminals, and I pray to God they are all brought to justice and made to pay for their wrong doings. I pray that what goes around comes around for the fan clubs of said criminals. The verbal abusers are no better than the criminals, to add insult to injury by capitalizing on victims and exploiting them at the cost of some of the victims lives. Mental health is a primary concern, as I see the insensitive verbal abusers comments unfiltered throughout the internet, and do not want to see it anymore. I am sick and tired of the insensitive, verbal abusers, who have got something to say about everything, and not in a good way. I wish they didn’t have an opinion, or weren’t allowed to voice it. If the price of their opinion is to cost a life, I think it is better left unsaid. To say it is one thing, but the comments made with no thought of how it will effect someone need to stop. Honestly, I have seen it and heard it all, when Margaret Thatcher died, I saw a comment, “the world is better off without her”, how would her mother feel about that (or the England community at large) if she heard that? These liberals have no respect for anyone, no respect for life, no respect for the human spirit, or quality of life. Just because they have no heart, and no soul, they assume others do not either, but that is not true, not everyone is a heartless prick. Not to stoop to their level of name-calling here, because I for one am way better than that, and know better than to stoop to that low level of consciousness as to start insulting them with bullying or name-calling. It shouldn’t be a finger pointing game, and unfortunately the real people losing here are the victims. It’s cruel. Legal cruelty at that.

Mental health is a huge concern for me, because of this new level of legal cruelty, and it does not stop there. How do these people continue to get away with indirect or direct cruelty? If I say one thing, they think I am tacitly implying another, but I am not beating around the bush here, I have no time for those games. People think their comments are the cure, when they do more hurt than they do anything else. I hope by bringing this up I do not have the same kind of abrasive verbal abuse in my tone, as to lash out at them in a way that creates conflict, or causes a painful reaction. I am not trying to provoke an argument, I am actually trying to resolve the emotional, psychological, and mental strain of negativity and insensitive people and their damaging fallacies, and hurtful opinions. The world is a cruel place, and the internet has made that more clear to see than anything else, it is a true window into the spirit of human cruelty and hatred. In lieu of the spirit of human cruelty, legal hatred, and mental health, there is something about posting comments on the internet that has more of a permanence than merely casually talking behind someone’s back. Words being publicized and written out in the comment box is even more harsh than hearsay, because they are there to stay. I have personally been trying to ignore damaging, negative, and insensitive comments like the plague, but that has not made them go away, and they certainly are no cure for human pain and suffering, but rather the cause. In fact, my anger towards such insolence is magnified by reading the ignorant opinions of others. Leave the poor people alone. Respecting others and their right to privacy should not be such a difficult thing to ask, yet these paparazzi claim it is public information so they can expose and exploit these poor people and then leave them even more vulnerable to public commentary. As for a mental health reform, it would be beneficial for such paparazzi to get examined by mental health professionals as to not cause severe psychological damage or mental anguish to others in the name of public information. It would also be beneficial for the commentators to be examined by mental health professionals because words can be even more damaging than physical abuse in the scars they leave upon people. Now, the hurtful words are not just left upon people to scar them for life, they are written permanently in some commentary box on the internet to stay forever, causing a visible scar upon someone’s heart as well as a public platform. Since all these people have no remorse for their permanently damaging words, I firmly believe that the masses have all caught this mental illness going around (perhaps through osmosis). They see nothing wrong with verbal abuse and start their own tribes in the name of hatred and human cruelty. I sincerely recommend they all see a professional, in order to stop the decline of mental health of the masses. There has been an overall decline in mental health due to the bitterness that results from people needing to be helped. The bitter backlash of tragedies, that range from personal to economical, to hurricanes, and loss in the form of a snide remark about how bad someone else has had it, and the 99%… contrary to popular belief, most people in said circumstances are not having a pity party, they are mourning a loss, and need time to grieve. In all due respect, I am not here to tell someone what they need, but there is emotional support out there, and people need to feel like they are not alone. I believe in the power of prayer, and it might be the last thing someone wants to hear, if they are an atheist, but it is important to pray. If that is not what someone needs to hear, then I am pretty sure there is a support group for that person too. The main thing is to check yourself, before you wreck yourself, as well as your mental health. Make sure you are not aggravating the problem, and making things worse. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem… If it is not a solution you have come up with please do not bother making matters worse. People have enough problems, they do not need any more. Problems will resolve themselves, if given time. Be part of the solution. Make a resolution to be part of the solution. Mental health reform.


… back to things being a given… 

… back to things being a given…

It was not a question as to whether or not God existed…  it was “assumed” and believed that He did. Whether or not God existed was not the question, that was a given. It would have gone without saying, of course there is a GOD. The belief of God was not up for debate, whether or not you believed or not. I have never been one to blindly follow ANYTHING without questioning it, of course I have questioned the existence of God, who hasn’t? Why do bad things happen to good people? When I was a child about 11 or 12 years old, I stopped believing in God because of my parents divorce, and I also started studying world religions and didn’t believe that the Christian faith was anymore important than any other religion, and I wasn’t sure I believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. I struggled with that latter statement for a long time, and felt it imposed upon my spirituality because it was so specific. I am more spiritual than I am religious, and do not believe my religion is “better” than any other religion, but it is the religion I practice, if I practice any religion. I have come to realize that Jesus is not a bad man to emulate in any given circumstance, in fact, in my times of need I have come to some pretty profound understandings about what Jesus would do, and then I acted accordingly. What Would Jesus Do? WWJD? I know that was so 10 years ago. But that’s just it, I don’t follow the trends. I have turned to the New Testament in times of need, and found it to provide me with more hope and answers than not. I do believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, I reconfirmed my faith at a Harvest Crusade on the 4th of July sometime after questioning my faith, I asked Him to come back into my heart. My faith does not impede upon my ability to keep an open mind toward world religions, and other spiritual practices.  From the ages of 12-16, I did not believe in God. I was born and raised a Christian, my mom is the biggest hypocrite Christian ever, and my dad has never been to church with me. I went to a private Christian Elementary School. But why would my parents have gotten a divorce if God existed? I was angry and upset about it, and was sure there was no God to allow such a thing to happen to me. I stopped believing in God, as I did not understand why I had to experience such pain and suffering. When I was 16 years old, I almost died in a car accident, the only thing I can remember about that car accident is begging God not to take me, “Please God, No. Please God, No. Please God, No. Please God, No.” I screamed and screamed as I lost consciousness and my car rolled off an embankment. When the paramedics came, I had blood streaming down my face (my head hit the windshield) and I was rushed to the ER. My car was totaled, but that was the least of anyones worries at the time. I was miraculously saved by the grace of God. After that accident, God gave me a new lens, new eyes as I say, because my eyes were opened with a new appreciation for life, an understanding that my life is a gift from God and how I live it is my gift to God. Let’s just say that coming that close to death, I re- found my faith in God. I learned the hard way that God taps you with a feather, if you don’t listen He starts throwing bricks, and that was my wake up call.  There is a bigger picture, and those experiences have made me the person I am today. I believe all things happen for a reason, and things have a way of working out organically, as they are meant to. I do not like others to force or impose their beliefs upon me, I have my own beliefs for my own reasons.  I have questioned my own beliefs, but God works in miraculous ways and HE was able to open my eyes to see the life I once took for granted. A great man named Henry David Thoreau once said,  “Only that day dawns to which we are awake” which does not mean waking up in the morning, although that is one interpretation, but on another level it actually means being awake as in a level of consciousness (a higher consciousness) to see the world as God has so intended us to see it. To see things as they really are, not as we wish they were or could be. Though I had taken life for granted, He gave me another chance, the chance to seek a higher purpose. Sure, we’re are all entitled to our own beliefs and an atheist will surely be able to convince me that he is devoid of spirituality, doesn’t mean I have to be empty too. I have nothing to prove.  To each their own, the scientists are probably right in their own right. I will never be void of the light. Light conquers the darkness. Love conquers all. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Living in the darkness without the belief in God is not for me, I know what kind of shadow of an alley that looks like, that is not the place for me. Without light there would be no shadows. I am sure shadows exist, just as I am sure of the light that created them. So back in the day, it was just a given that God existed. I equate God to mean love, God is Love is my mantra,  but I know there are versions of the Bible that are fear-based, and God was a condemning God, and a God to be feared, but that is the King James Version (KJV) and I do not recommend that one, there is the New International Version (NIV), and others that have modern translations as to keep up with the swing of things and portray God as a more loving entity not one to be feared so much. A modern day translation is necessary, but then there are going to be arguments made about those changes, so it is hard to please everybody, best to just try to please God and live a life worthy of Him. If you are not living a life worthy of God, it is never too late to pick up and start over, and I hope you have the courage to do so. When God is the ultimate doctrine behind the fundamental truths of mankind, it all makes much more sense than to have so many different values, all self-serving, and all relative to the personal history of everyone involved, it is much more simple to all have the same purpose to please God, rather than to serve other men. We can not please everybody. Putting God first as the foundation for any doctrine or principle of belief is absolutely necessary for human growth. When people stop fighting their own battles, and start seeking God things will fall into place, and quite possibly order will be restored, but not until then and only then, and those are not my concerns. My concern is the life I am living, and if it is a life that is worthy of God. I am for the freedom of religion. I would appreciate you not trying to take away that freedom too.

The Corrupt and The Corrupted

The Corrupt

The daughter of Herodias was commanded by her mother to bring to her the head of John the Baptist. The moral of the story, to get to the point here, and why I choose to shed light on this particular verse is to bring attention to the main principle. The Herods, apparently are known for their corruption and abuse by Bible readers and Church goers, I am not that familiar with them but no one has to convince me that they are corrupt, abusive and sinful people. A background brief of this story is that John the Baptist condemned the adultery of Herod and his brother Phillips wife, Herodias.  Herod tells Herodias that he will grant her anything she wishes, essentially that her wish is his command.  Herodias then demands that her daughter bring her the head of John the Baptist. King Herod does express that he is displeased at this request, but must please Herodias nonetheless, he had given his word to her, which is the first clue here, for King Herod had not been living to please God, but to please Herodias. The daughter also seeks her mothers approval, and seeks to please her mother by abiding by her orders, even if they are against her own wishes. It does not say if the demand from Herodias are against her daughters wishes because the daughter only wishes for her mothers approval. The daughter does not kill John the Baptist, King Herod does for Herodias demanded that her daughter bring her the head of John the Baptist. The principle is nonetheless, to not serve those who are not serving God and to seek the approval of God before anyone else, being led to corruption by the corrupt is not right. How many times have we tried to please others? Maybe wanting to fit in with people who are not living life the way they should… It should never be that we are made to serve such requests that break the laws of God in order to please others especially those who are corrupted. Never put the approval of others before God. Seek only Gods approval because you never know when you will have a hand in such corruption and chaos if others are put before God. We are not here to please Herodias or corrupt leaders, or misguided people, we are here to please God. Had these corrupted people been serving God and not their own sinful lusts and desires, John the Baptist would not have been killed and beheaded. Know who you are serving, and for what purpose. Make it a point to get right with God, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

People do not always realize they are serving “false gods”, the people disguise themselves, they demand your approval, they make you turn away from your own beliefs in order to serve theirs. Be aware of such corruption and chaos. Do not seek to please others. When we seek to please others we put them before God, it is important to put God first and to not take orders from corrupted and abusive people. There are corrupted and abusive people to this day and probably many more than that time because their blood lines go way back, and they have multiplied, look at Hitler he was corrupt. Be careful of who you follow, and who your leader is, if you worship and serve others that are not God, you never know how far you will go for their approval. I do not know how to say this quite exact, but this is a lesson that should not be forgotten, lest it be repeated.


I have been hearing that it is not right to be alone. Complete solitude is considered like a cancer, because man is not meant to be alone, it does not work.

Living in complete isolation with absolutely no social contact is not right. I spend too much time alone, and am not apart of the living Church. Man is not meant to be alone all the time, it does not work. Fellowship is needed is some kind of form, I always liked the fellowship of bars, where I was among other men.

Knowing that this in not right, and continuing to do it will come back at bite me in the ankles. I must pray for God to help me find a group or network, or social network, or church or ANYTHING. Last time I listened to KWAVE which is a Christian station I listen to, they talk about how people need each other and it is not right for a person to be cast out or shunned and alone. I feel like I am all alone, and need to reach out and find a group of some type, or better yet a Church to go to, really any kind of camaraderie will do, but it is not right to be a hermit, burrowing down a hole, to be alone. It does not serve me and it does not serve the people, and it is a waste of myself to not be contributing to society by not participating in it. I must act, because if I continue living this way, when I know it is wrong, I never know how God will intervene for not listening to the warning I heard on the radio about not connecting to others. I realize I must not keep to myself, it is no good for me, it is not right, knowing this, if I continue to live this way, I never know how it will come back and bite me in the ankles. The following words come from the very mouth of Christ: “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone” (Rev. 21:8).