The Difference in the Sum [of parts]

The Difference

Some people break the law, and that does not mean they are a criminal. In fact, most people have broken the law, and thought about it but if all of those people were detained for doing so we would be doing the general public a huge disservice. Take piracy for instance, people ripping off others art. That is a crime. The difference between a criminal and human is at stake here, those people are breaking the law but are they “criminals”? Take bankers who do not know better, haven’t been trained properly and all commit crimes by not correcting errors, not because they are criminals necessarily but because they do not know how to correct their own mistakes. Humans make mistakes. Criminals commit crimes. A human will learn from their mistakes, a criminal will not admit that they have done wrong. I have known a kleptomaniac or two, who were known for shoplifting (not robbery) , were these people criminals? No, absolutely not. The character flaw could cost them dearly, but should never cost them jail or prison time, these are good people I am talking about here. Criminals are bad people, very bad people. Humans, I would like to believe are inherently good, although misguided at times. There is a huge difference at stake to arrest good people who have committed petty crimes, and then let the bad criminals get away with murder (so to speak). Well how can you tell the difference? You would know if you met one, believe me, you would know. If you don’t know the difference that is not necessarily a bad thing, you have just probably never crossed paths with a ex convict, or a real criminal. There is a huge difference between a person who was caught up with the wrong crowd, got arrested by association, and served time for it than a bad guy, a real criminal. Criminals do not admit when they have committed a crime. They are the most innocent people you will ever meet in your life. If they are able to fool you that is. A criminal can fool most people, unless you are a trained professional and deal with them on a daily basis and can profile them like the back of your hand. I am not a trained professional, but I do know the difference. Do not take my word, though, for as trained as I may be in my own experience, I am human and might make a mistake. I can tell you what you are guilty of, I have the dirt on you, I know who you are and I know your secrets. There are human secrets, the mistake we all made of being born, and then there are terminal lies and terminal liars. A good criminal is a good liar. A really good criminal, is a really good liar. A damn good criminal, is a damn good liar. I am not talking about major crimes here, well maybe a few partial ones. Depending on who the judge is. Depending on who you are asking. Depending on who did what. The truth is subjective because we all have our own version. The difference is not in both stories of the truth, the difference is not in both sides of the truth, but the difference is when one is lying. One is lying, and one is telling the truth. When you have a liar on your hands, you have a big criminal.

First, let me admit, I am human. I do not have to take oath in court to tell the truth, I am always under oath in Gods eyes. I tell the truth to the best of my ability, and can be too honest, to be honest. Besides little lies like “you look good today”, or “I feel good today”, and the little lies of cognitive dissonance of tiny proportions in order to survive to the best of ones ability, there is no foul here. I am human, so sue me.

Second, I do not believe humans should ever compare themselves to criminals. It can be justified to try to understand what makes a criminal that way, compare differences, in order to prevent the occurrence. But it goes without saying that most people are not criminals. MOST PEOPLE. If I was to start comparing myself to a wife-beating convict, for instance, I would pretty much be saying, well I am better than the worlds biggest scum of the Earth, and am not a sicko. But that should never be a comparison, the two should never be compared. It goes without saying, I am not a wife-beating convict, most of us here are not sickos and scumbags, MOST OF US. I do not consider a criminal a human, they are not human, they are sick fucks, that should be locked up in prison for the rest of their life or worse. I have no mercy on those criminals, not for what they have done. They are not human, they are criminals and something is severely wrong with them. They might be able to admit their mistakes (if they have to), but that is not going to stop them from committing the same crime again. The mistakes they make, are not mistakes to them (they just got caught see, and have to learn to not get caught next time), it is a deliberate or uncontrollable loss of temperament, they are criminals who must conform to society against their will. Jail and/or prison can usually stop them for a little while, until they get caught again, and some of them need the system to correct them, and to keep them in line. They have to go against their own criminal nature to be a part of society, often with more restrictions as a convict or felon, etc…  these are bad people, their brains do not work like the rest of us, they are the reason we have correctional facilities, remember, to keep society safe. After they get caught they can try to control their impulse to do bad, by not breaking the law. They probably think about committing crimes obsessively, and have to refrain from breaking the law due to the consequence of going to jail or prison. The consequences of breaking the law can lower the chances and their impulses of repeatedly committing crimes. If they didn’t get in trouble, and the correctional facilities were not there to correct them, who knows what else they would do. Criminals threaten the safety of society. Criminals are not normal people, they might be in disguise of a normal person, but underneath their lies, is the truth of their character, a profile of a criminal. One should never compare their self to such imbeciles. They are not in the category of comparison, I would hope that most people are not sickos, that should be a given. If it is not a given that I am not a sicko or scum of the Earth, then what is the world coming to? There is a big difference between a human mistake, and a criminal. The bigger difference to draw is between good people and bad people. Everyone knows there are bad people in the world, and the world would be better with less bad people. It does society no justice to deny that such criminals exist. Those sickos and scum bags of the Earth do exist, we can not deny that they exist. It doesn’t do any good to be in denial about the ugly truth of true criminals. They are a subcategory of humans. I highly suggest understanding the difference, and never comparing anyone to such scum of the Earth sickos, unless they are locked up in the same penitentiary.

Thirdly, do not mistake human error for a crime. We have all made the mistake of being born, and although inherently we are mostly good people, even a good person has thought of or committed one crime, that does not make them a criminal. I will recite this parable phrase I took from the New Testament to illustrate my point, “He who casts the first stone has never sinned”, now let me illustrate the difference for you. I am preaching to the choir when I say, I am not a bad person, but I have sinned. A person with a brain dysfunction will believe this to mean that there is actually someone who has not sinned, and it may just be them. The latter is a lie, for every man and woman has sinned. For a person to believe they are above everybody else, because they have never “sinned” is a total and complete lie. They are lying to themselves, and to others. Do you really believe this person has never sinned in their life? By “sin” I mean by being human, for we have all made mistakes as humans whether human mistakes, or otherwise not a practicing whatever your religion is or is not. You’re not a practicing your religion anymore, so what, most of us aren’t. This isn’t meant to be an argument about religion or not, atheists can be good too, just spiritually devoid and out to prove it, no one has to be forced into spirituality. Bringing this quote into context can immediately call for objections, but I do not mean to add such controversy to my position. The point and the principle to be made are that criminals will often act and speak as though they did not do anything wrong. They truly want to believe they are right in whatever their wrong is. Taking this quote in or out of context, and just being willing to take it as it is, what was your first reaction to it? Were you mad, and angry that I bring this kind of principle into this? You might believe the New Testament has no place in this argument, but as a matter of principle, it is a rather strong point to be made regardless of where it came from. The principle is there. A person with a brain dysfunction who has read the New Testament and knows this verse, might have thought, “see I am right”, or “see, I knew it”, or “see I told you so”, they might claim that this verse means they are not wrong, that they have not done wrong, and that it pertains personally to them, because they also believe they are above the law because they have never sinned. In the modern day this should read, “he who raises his hand first, has never broken a law, or even thought about breaking any law”, without jumping to conclusions here, you might have to think about this one for a moment. In changing the context, something is lost, and something is gained, please do not lose the principle. No stones were cast, by the way, and hopefully no hands were eager to go up. Good thing, we learned to think before we act. As for thinking before we speak, I am still learning how to do that myself, it is some default of the brain function. Now, I hope to be on the same page as people, as I draw attention to this principle. A criminal might use such a point to believe that they have never “sinned”, or never broken the law, and use it to further justify their wrongs instead of confessing their ways. It is not saying no one has never sinned, it is not saying anyone is above the law, it does not give invisible power to people and make them invincible. Ever heard this one “he who smelt it dealt it”, well I smell a guilty person, and they stink. The point here is that most of us are human, MOST OF US. The human population is not referring to the subcategory of human scum and sickos, it is just not, they are not human. There is something wrong with criminals. They are not right in their heads. Being a human, person, I am not here to admit the mistake of being born. I am human, I should never have to admit “guilty for being human”, for the guilt is unjust. I should not have to apologize for being alive, or say sorry for being born. It should go without saying.

Lastly, crime and punishment, law and order, bad things happen to good people, and that’s life. There are the haves and the have nots, just try not to have so much that others can steal and more that they can not. More internal value than external valuables. A good soul, for instance can not be robbed, the human spirit endures the test of time, and it is the kind of person you are that should be held in the highest value. A good person is hard to come by, not the normal riff raff, good is exceptional, actually. A good person is a valuable person. I hope the good can not be taken away from people. Please do not take the good away. Please do not do away with the good people. Good people are not perfect, no one is perfect. Yet, it is the highest any society can strive for, perfection. Perfection is the highest any society can ever strive for, and although we are made imperfect it is important to strive for such attainable ideals of perfection. (As a side note, the first perfect 10 was given in the Olympics this year, to show that perfection is actually not impossible).

For better or for worse, the better of society will be to compare ourselves with the best of things, not the worst of them. We all know it could be worse, the better question to ask is when will it get better? It could always be worse, and it could always be better. When will it get better? I reckon the day we stop comparing ourselves to the worst of the worst, and start comparing ourselves to the best of the best. Comparing ourselves to criminals is not an option, never was, never will be. The day we realize that it should be a given we don’t have to live in poverty, be treated like a criminal, guilty for being a human being,  or crucified for our beliefs, will be the day, that will be the day.


Second World

Years ago, before Myspace and Facebook ever existed (imagine the world before or without these social platforms) I stumbled across an article in the local paper about an online virtual world called, “Second Life” created by Linden Lab. The article caught my attention because the idea of being able to create a three dimensional virtual world was a foreign and new idea, and therefor the concept was hard to grasp. I spent a lot of time reading and understanding the concept for such a virtual reality. I thought it was bizarre and odd that people would spend more time online than they would in the real world. I thought and feared that it might take people away from their purpose in life. They created another dimension in which to thrive online but were they not missing out in real life? I couldn’t help but think of the opportunities they might miss, people they wouldn’t meet, the coincidences of everyday life in the real world might never be realized because of time spent online when it could be spent better in the world. In the article people claimed to make more meaningful relationships online in the cyber world than in the natural world. Of course, my perception nowadays is laughable because without even realizing it, that is what has become of us in the Facebook world or whatever other digital world we’re living in. But were they missing out on their natural calling due to this cyber world? It caused me great concern to think of it as a possibility. It was an ethical dilemma for me at the time, I couldn’t help but think this man-created world (called the internet) would not interfere with the natural one.

I recently started giving my “online identity” some thought. I started thinking about how depersonalized, and deceptive this small, insignificant so-called reflection of my life is on Facebook, and how it does not reflect my actual life at all. It is a misconceived fragment of myself. In this day and age you are your Facebook Page, or your Facebook status. I am much more than my Facebook status, I am a person. This got me thinking about how I have been getting “cyber bullied” and how devastated I became after getting verbally attacked online. This brings psychological abuse to a whole new level. In the real world, the people who are my “friends” on Facebook were just that, my friends, people I know or used to know and care about. I never had any inappropriate arguments with them in real life that would lead to name-calling, in fact I was well-liked by my peers. The online arena which I call the cyber stage of humiliation took a different toll on me. I never signed up to walk out on a cyber stage and get rotten tomatoes and eggs thrown at me, all of a sudden it felt like I was getting booed, and verbally abused. It hurt. I don’t think Facebook is a very good substitute for a classroom, and do not think the name-calling would go over too well in one. The problem for me is that all of a sudden I felt like I was a billboard or poster getting beaten and abused by other billboards and posters. When did I become a poster with a sign over my head saying “abuse me”, or worse “bitch”, “troll”, “abort yourself”, and then some. Not only are those some of the names I have been called, but publicly (on the internet) in a social forum in front of everyone. Cyber bullying, brings bullying to a whole new level of cruelty, I thought regular bullying was bad enough. The problem with cyber bullying is not being able to have control over what others post, say, or feel. By the time I go to my page, to see the insults, there has been a cyber bullying following that everyone is in on and I am the one being attacked. While I wasn’t looking, everyone went and started a whole cyber movement against me. The disillusion here is that Facebook is the world, it is not the world, it is JUST Facebook for crying out loud. Though motivating people for the good or the bad, usually the trend is to attack an actual person, and not an idea. A Facebook page then becomes a representation of the icon love or the icon hate, and too often the hate motivating propaganda gather many followers in the name of cyber bullying. I could be holding up a love sign, and someone would sarcastically write “god bless america” underneath it. My founder is love, there is nothing to hate about that. Yet somehow people feel threatened and insecure and go lashing out at me for saying “God”, OMG!!!!! OH.MY.GOD. I just said nigga what? I didn’t mean to offend you with such a derogatory, and racist word, by saying “God”. I never thought I would receive such hatred and animosity for reciting a word I equate with love. My slogan is “God is Love” and I live by that.

When I started to get cyber bullied for bringing up “love” is a better substitute, I couldn’t believe the hatred I received. I never said… I never said that. I said “LOVE”. Of course I received great opposition by hatred, loves worst enemy. I couldn’t understand how such a thing could happen, so I gave it some deep thinking. After thinking long and hard over this hatred phenomena, I couldn’t help but notice what a great disservice was being done to my character. I thought about getting a beer with these folks, and hardly doubt I would be dumping drinks over there head, storming out saying “F YOU”, but that’s what happened on the FB figuratively speaking. Then I thought about how I would have responded if they were in a room sitting next to me, would I have said that? No, I would not have. That person is a friend, someone I love and care about. Then I thought how awful I would feel if that person died tomorrow and the last thing I said was “F YOU”, I felt horrible. How could I have been so cruel? I was mad after being attacked and cyber bullied, so I lashed out too. I know better than that, there is no excuse for abuse, yet we were all part of the cyber-bully party.

If Facebook has become an extension of myself, it does not represent me or my life very well. I would actually prefer to meet up in person than get stuck in the Facebook world, and it is an addicting world that I try to avoid. One of my friends “gave up” Facebook claiming that nothing good ever comes of it, and I must say that I do concur.

Now, I have brought up “Second Life” and Facebook to draw the parallel of how I got consumed by the cyber world, and how my own interaction with people on there started to become in ways more important or significant than my real life (in ways), it had a different impact on me. I started to feel vulnerable because my online entity was being attacked, and couldn’t understand why.  The psychological toll that cyber bullying took on me was much worse than I would have expected. I am used to brushing off insults in person. On FB there is no comment approval option for me to decide whether to publicize a rude remark or not, like there had been on MySpace. Maybe I was upset because since it was not in person that these people made such remarks, I did not have the option to dump a beer over their head and storm out saying, “F you” either, and I did not see these people on a regular basis. If someone spoke to me like that in person, I would dump a drink over their head, and if I had the option, I would not approve of those remarks going public. There is a privacy setting on MySpace that actually gives the option of approving all comments or not, as to prevent people from doing these kinds of things because they can get away with it. Telling me to go abort myself? The ironic part is that I hadn’t gone into the online social platform knowing I would be consumed by it emotionally, and that I would not handle being publicly criticized online very well. I handled it well enough, with my witty comebacks, but that is what happened, and I was just as much a part of it as anyone else. I started watching people’s Facebook status updates while life was passing me by, and just to rub it in my face, it looked like the Facebook world had gone on without me by celebrating, as I suffered alone. Facebook was proof that I was missing out on life, that my friends didn’t care anymore, and that life was passing me by. As everyone’s life “appeared” to go on, mine had been stuck, but you would have never realized that from looking at my Facebook page. All I had to write was, “life is good”, and people would believe it because they were seeing it. People have to see it to believe it, and if you are in the face of death writing “life is good” people are going to go with what they see. “Week 3 of jogging. Killin’ it”… while  in the meantime honestly having a painful cramp in my leg preventing me from being able to do anything but gimp around the trail. I don’t want to ignite a complaint day, or admit to such a painful truth. The illusion of the truth looks better anyway. They do not know what is going on in someone’s mind or life, by a status update about how good dinner is “dinner was great”. Some people tell Facebook of their daily activities like, “woke up early”, “took the kids to school”, “drinking coffee”, “ran 5 miles this morning”, “going to bed” “goodnight Facebook world”, and so on and so forth. I was one to use it to promote bands I liked and shows I was going to, or not going to but wanted to help a good band out by “sharing the event”, so it “appeared” that I went to quite a lot of shows at one point, even if I did not go to all the shows I said I was going to. Come to think of it I have not seen many bands sharing any events lately, but Facebook changes all the time, I have been told, or rather saw a few updates informing me of that. But, as I was saying I have become my Facebook status, we have become our Facebook status, we the people of Facebook.

I am not my Facebook status, I am much more than that. I own that Facebook page, it does not own me. By the way people act, you would think my Facebook page owns me, not the other way around. I own that Facebook page. Should I bother to try to distort my image to be liked? Or should I just give it up? Honestly, I am not going to distort my images to be “liked”, it is just Facebook for crying out loud. I didn’t realize I was entering another world, and at what cost. I was definitely not staying “connected” to people, which was also another purpose for being on there, quite to the contrary I felt more disconnected than ever. Sometimes I felt dehumanized, immortalized, demonized, and hated because of who I am. Cyber bullying is definitely psychologically damaging, much more so than in real life. That is the part that is most surprising to me, that the things people say on there hurt, and I could not casually brush them off, “oh well” or “your loss” as I would have normally done in person. I suppose this is because my online entity is always there even when I am not, which gives people the chance to make comments at any time they want, even if I had made a post about “love” months prior. I didn’t have to approve of any comments, unfortunately.

The internet can be used or abused, used for the good, or abused for the bad. The trend is currently to lead cyber bully attacks against individuals or groups, starting a whole new kind of psychological warfare and level of cruelty I had not known of before. This is the digital age. The cyber world, is definitely another world, one in which we live in at times, giving the concept of “Second Life” a new meaning. Without going into a “cyber world” and creating a “cyber identity” deliberately, I had actually done so without even being aware of it. I might as well have an little lego avatar, to demonstrate this point, that we had all become little lego avatars. I use the lego people here to symbolize what my online identity represents to me, and is no more than that concept, this virtual self walking around on the internet, dehumanized, like some lego person. I hardly felt connected to the other lego people online. I use the metaphor of boiling salt water for the salt, to represent the cyber world, something is lost and something is gained. What is lost is the human experience, what is gained is an online virtual experience that gives a false sense of human connection. I do not want to lose my human experience and sense of real connection to others by the internet. On the internet, things are not as they seem. Ever notice the print on the side of your sideview mirror? Objects in mirror may seem closer than they appear or something like that, there is definitely an appearance that is nothing more than an illusion of reality in the warped identification on the internet. Do not believe everything you see on the internet, it is a distorted view of reality. I would go as far to say, “do not trust the internet” or anything you see on there.

I was going to update my status to “self-reflection” because it actually takes stepping away from the internet to reflect on our “self”, I could not sit there and say “I am reflecting on myself” and actually be doing quality self reflection, so please do not be deceived by those words and what they actually mean. I am going to reflect on what makes me a human being, and what makes me a person in juxtaposition to my association with my online identity when I step away from my computer. As I try to reconcile to the two identities, my real self, and online self, I hope to get a healthy dose of reality and remember what does make me a human being as to not forget the fabric of my soul which is love. “love button” is hardly a campaign for hatred.

In closing I will say that my worries about creating a life on the internet in terms of a cyber world, in comparison to the natural world can arguably be validated by my own online experience. I definitely think there are missed opportunities in life due to time spent on the internet, and it is not a natural nor an organic process. Anyway, I guess it is better to have people talk shit about you, than not talk about you at all… that’s a good one to use that has probably floated around the internet before.

The Ancient 1800s

The ancient 1800s are not so ancient to grandparents born in the early 1900s. That must seem ancient to you… But it is really not that long ago, not to the grandparents of our country.
We are the grandchildren of the 1900s, specifically branded in 1983, a good year to be born. The season of believin’ … I was born to dream. Baby boomers were born to be wild. I was predestined to reconcile the wild child and dreamer within myself, the generational gap between me and my parents. I give a whole new meaning to John Lennon, because this isn ‘t the 70s anymore. His songs was draping another time, much different than these dark ages we now face. You think the dark ages have past, I think we are living in them. We’re in the new millennia, and I have my foot in the door of the past, just keeping it open enough to learn from it. “One who forgets the past, is destined to repeat it” (author unknown). I won’t be destined to repeat the mistakes of my own past or the one that is not so far historically from me. We are fighting two different wars, “The hardest war you will ever fight is the one with yourself” (author unknown).
Certainly times have changed, the Bible is not going to interfere with your freedom to smoke pot anymore. No one will be coming to take your herb. I wish we were free to do drugs too, I love Rock n Roll, and I am American. Yet, I found that drug use is no substitute for God. What’s worse now than illegal drugs are actually the legal ones. Prescription drugs are killing people now at a higher rate than illegal ones ever did. Drugs are no substitute for God. Ever heard this, “find your heart, and you will find your way”… Or “God is Love” these are my slogans. You know, the things I live by.
How dare the government tell me I can’t do drugs, and then give me ones that kill me. Yet, the FDA is a candy dispenser for prescription drugs, as you pay them to feel good as you start to fade to your death, the one you are paying for. Don’t trust the government, all they feed you is lies.
God is truth. Nourish and immerse your soul in love. Immerse your soul in love.
I am not proposing that people do illegal drugs, or legal drugs, but pointing out that neither are good. The better of two evils would be the former, in my personal but not only and not exclusive opinion. The 60s and 70s were a time of drugs, sexual liberation, and rock n roll. We are not living in the 1800s, but we’re not living in the late 60s either. In a time of religious conformity, and a time of great oppression, People were not free to think for themselves.
We don’t like laws. We don’t like rules. I hate rules. I am not from this school of thought, “rules were meant to be broken”. I am from my own school of thought, rules were meant to be followed. I know the laws, and it is my responsibility to follow them. Driving is a privilege, if you do not follow the laws of driving a car, your privilege will be taken away.
It goes without saying, “if a tree falls in a forest, and no one saw it, did it really fall?” (Some philosopher).
Most of us have broken the law, because although they were not meant to be broken, no one is perfect and it would be impossible to follow the laws all of the time, by no means do I mean it is okay to break the law. Sometimes, we have to trust our best judgement, or lack their of. I have gone over the speed limit before, luckily, for everytime I have gone over the speed limit, I only got caught once, but the judge dismissed it after I fought it for two years. He said to me upon dropping it two years later, “I think you have learned your lesson”. Do you want to know the details of this speeding ticket? It was in a residential neighborhood, on a steep downward hill, and gravity had gotten the best of us (me and my car). That was the first time I ever got pulled over, I was 23 years old. When I arrived at my college class that day in tears, late for midterms, the teacher and class were shocked, asked me if everything was okay. I looked like I found out someone just died. I had never been pulled over before, let alone been issued a ticket. Once when I was 18 I got pulled over for a fix- it ticket for my tail light (it was out), so it seemed like I had never been pulled over before when I got that speeding ticket in the residential neighborhood going downhill at a speed that greater than the law because of gravity’s weight. I did not argue gravity, that would have gotten me nowhere. Looking back, I say that now. Had I argued about the laws of gravity in relation to my speed, the judge would not have been so nice. Here’s why, the law is the law and laws are not meant to be broken. There is no excuse for breaking the law. Sometimes a judge will allow for the right to express a cause or good reason, for something such as a non-payment, or something of such nature, but there is no “excuses”. The law takes no excuses to argue. The difference between “excuses”, and “cause”, or “good reason” are important to note. Even a judge will listen to a “cause” or “good reason” for whatever reason for life happening. Life happens, and a judge understands that for this reason, there must be an exception for the cause, or good reason, as it is justified by NOT being an excuse. An excuse in court, will never excuse you from being found guilty of breaking the law. However, there are emergencies and crises that any good judge will hear, and then determine the bill accordingly. The bill, the price we pay for breaking the law. It’s enough to not do it again, usually. Generally speaking, getting caught breaking the law is usually enough for people to learn from their mistake… Generally speaking, of course. Not to point out the obvious that people often are found guilty for DUIs time and time again, and once a person is caught once, it is much easier for them to get caught again.

Oh yeah, about trusting our best judgement, or using our best judgement, it is always a good idea to exercise our best judgement in any situation. I will be the judge of my own life, thank you very much. Just because I do not like “rules” does not mean that’s my way out of them. I have actually found that it is better to try to follow them to a T, to perfection, to strive to never break them, you never have to worry about getting caught if you are doing nothing wrong.
Now, here I am talking about the laws. There are also ethical laws, governed by Godly principles as the foundation of the ultimate truth. Remember, love is our founder. God is love. Some translations of the Bible are fear based, like the King James Version, and others are love based, like my mom’s pea green Bible called “The Way” and both are right. I used to laugh at her pea green Bible, for it had a picture of hippies on the cover, and it didn’t seem like a proper Bible. Yet, it is one of the most love based versions I have read, and want one now. I love that Bible now, it is love-based, not fear based. Led Zeppelin has this song called “That’s the Way” on Album iii, and it’s my favorite song from them of all time. I don’t mean to constantly incorporate my discipline of rock and roll into my rants, but music is a part of me and I am disciplined in great rock n roll.

Those times are past, and there is still much to be learned today about those times. They did not have the internet back then, respectfully, they had to work a lot hard than we have had to. We the people of the internet. We are in a digital age with 2-dimensional information, while living in a 3-dimensional maybe even 4-dimensional world and past. The internet is 2-dimensional, it lacks the depth of a 3-dimensional human life, and the “possible” 4-dimensional human spirit. What does this mean? It means your information has been deprived of humanity, and the possible human spirit. It means not the value of the late 60s and hippies holding signs for that read, “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR” as we were at war in Vietnam. In the digital age, painting signs while are “MAKING WAR ON EACH-OTHER” and “MAKING WAR ON OUR OWN CITIZENS” aka let me hold up a sign saying “MAKE HATE NOT WAR” and have the chaos ensue. It’s the digital campaign for equality, “MAKE HATE”, their slogan is “LIKE US” “OR ELSE (implied threat of name calling to follow) ” advocating for equality while propagating hatred. Hatred has never been sold so well before. You are buying into the propaganda of “hatred”. Yet, you haters are in disguise of some human rights cause for equality, and the Facebook popularity contest allows you to gather many “fans” in the name of hate in disguise of equality. Um, equality does not equal hatred and should not propagate hate. How do you have so many followers? Oh yeah, you will tell me to “DIE” if I don’t “like” you or your status. Your Facebook status is a pretty generic and superficial cause for hatred. Here you go, use this slogan, “LIKE OR DIE!!” What a rally of the corrupted human spirit in the 2 dimensional digital age of the internet. To add salt to injury, “BITCH”, “TROLL”, and “ABORT YOURSELF” are your justifications for your hate campaign. Welcome, to the digital age.



His name was tall and lanky

He looked like he didn’t eat

His posture was slightly bent over

Hair hanging over his eyes

An appearance of wanting to keep to himself

He was the mysterious tall and slender type

They say he looked like he didn’t eat

But you never did hear people calling him “manorexic”

May have been the last thing you would actually think about him

But SHE was a whole different story.

Take away the M, a few pounds, there she is

her story

She is a whole new appearance though exactly the same

Without the M part

there was the female phrase SHE was called

for ever having the genius of appearances.

Her story was never without that kind of speculation

The manorexic one, that type

of isolating gender solitude

and the difficulty in being “different”

And his story would not be “manorexic”

He was a person. Men were not talked about in that way

Society didn’t obsess over men’s bodies

In the anorexic way in which they scoped out women’s.


The Media Especially Hates Beautiful Women

The Media Especially Hates Beautiful Women


The question, “why does the media hate women?” has been asked before. A better question to ask is, who is the media? According to recent and past articles about women, the “media” is just waiting for women to be flawed, faulted, or to fail. Women have been squeezed into the ostracized glance of men for centuries, and I do mean squeezed. Struggling to the middle, with hopes of not being objectified has been a most difficult task. Why is it that women are still second class citizens of society? What I mean by this is that women are still being subjugated to serve their masters. They are objectified as either sex symbols, or poster children (grown up poster children), and before you know it there are posters about what a horrible person she is. The iconic poster child for feminism for instance, ran for it’s dear life decades ago after the dreaded sigh of another “man hater”, or “butch” lesbian standing for the unconventional independence or liberation of women stood up. Feminism was anything but feminine.


Burning bras lingers somewhere in the collective consciousness of what womens liberation stood for, and is the laughing stock of the neighborhood. No woman wants to be the butt of that joke, also known as the “burn your bra type”. There has never been any good associations or connotations that went along with “feminism”, it definitely earned no respect, historically speaking. It was never viewed as admirable for women to take a stand, or to fight for what they believe in, not without being marred by the gutter-mouth children.


A blank stare, a blank page, and a blank poster all fill the invisible seat of womanhood all too well. Women are to be seen and not heard? Or just trampled on? Or better yet, just invisible? Women have truly become invisible. If she is brought back to life it is not out of the necessity to pay your respects. Most likely it will be to tell about how much better off the world is without her. The world is better off without that b word, he said. I do not think the same respect would be shown to his own gender here, for instance he would have never had the balls to say, the world was better off without that a hole. In terms of any prime minister, the one she was.


Let’s go back in time and see all the hatred that has been cast upon important women for no apparent reason. There is Susan G. Komen who was accused of not supporting “planned parenthood”, while starting the campaign to find a cure for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen is the woman behind the campaign of finding a cure for breast cancer and was demonized by the press for not giving funds to planned parenthood. I had to put a lot of thought into that one myself, why would such an admirable woman be cast down as an evil person because she did not give her funds to planned parenthood? I tried to understand the logic, did planned parenthood feel entitled? Discriminated against? In the name of breast cancer? In the name of breast cancer and finding a cure, I hardly found it acceptable to demonize this woman. A woman who devoted her life for this noble cause. Logically thinking about this issue, I strongly believe that Planned Parenthood most likely just didn’t have the equipment to detect for breast cancer past its beginning stages, which is why the funds went places where advanced stages of breast cancer could be detected and treated, or better to labs trying to find a cure. I really do not think it was anything personal to planned parenthood. Planned Parenthood just does not have the necessary equipment to treat breast cancer, as devastating as that is. More devastating is the woman behind finding a cure, who society chewed up and spit out to make sure no good deed would go unpunished.


Last month, “womens’ history month” quietly drifted by citing very few historical women. What historical women, you ask? I don’t know, I had trouble naming a few myself. What do you mean by historical? I was going to begin by naming off actresses, like Marilyn Monroe, Audrie Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Rosie Riveter, Amelia Earhart, and of course Helen Keller.


Black History month certainly did not quietly drift by the month prior to Women’s History month, as a picture of the first young girl to attend a white school emerged, and people celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. We all paid our respects. But what woman is an MLK equivalent? I do not mean to suggest here that there is a woman equivalent to republican, and minister, MLK but there is Ghandi, the Buddha, great men from around the globe who we observe and pay our respects to. It seems to be a more difficult task to pay our respects to the undeserving women of our society. Somehow we can not salute them, honor them, and respect them, not in the way that we do our men. Do they not command it? Do they not know how to command it? How does a woman command respect the way a man does? More importantly, how do they gain it? I would like to hear, she was a well-respected woman for her hard-work, dedication, and perseverance towards the noble cause of… and, it was always an honor to work with her.


I do not mean to say that women need to be put up on a pedestal, men do not put each other on pedestals, but they have each others back. It is a common courtesy, and a common language that exists among men, but has yet to reach the language of women. If the common language of men could be so courteous as to extend a bridge, for the common language of woman to cross so that men and women can both be included in the language of respect it would be much appreciated. Aretha Franklin had it right when she sang, “Respect”. R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me. Woman do not want your approval they want your respect. It has been difficult to discover how to find how to earn it. Well aware that respect is something to be earned, women seem to have a ways to go in terms of being treated equally. Respectfully, I hope to find a common language that does not exclude women, once and for all.