Cadence- rhythmic flow. a fall in pitch or tempo. (music) a sequence of chords expressing conclusion, finality, or repose. the beat or rate of a rhythm.

Pitch- highness or lowness of tone. start (a tune) by sounding the keynote. the number of characters per inch of a certain size of a certain type.

Tempo- rate of movement, as in music. a favorable movement for action.

Inflection-  change of pitch or tone in speaking; modulation. variation of a word to show plurality, person, part of speech, etc. a bend or angle; a change of curvature.

Inflect- turn from a direct course; bend. modulate (the voice); vary (a word) by inflection.

Tone- any resonate sound. a sound of definite pitch; a musical note. a sound with respect to its pitch, volume and timbre. accent, inflection, or modulation, esp. of the voice. a color, a shade or tint. the state of tension or firmness proper to bodily tissues. prevailing character; style; temper; spirit; tenor. elegance stylishness- v.t. give a proper or desired tone to.

Arsis- music the upward stroke in conducting; upbeat, compare thesis.

Prosody- a part of a metrical foot that bears the ictus or stress (less commonly) a part of a metrical foot that does not bear the ictus.


I refer to the musical element of literature in my writing. and often write prose for the actual sound it creates more than the meaning. You will see this in my blogs, but that is just one style of writing for me. My point in writing what at times may seem like a psycho-babble, or ramble is to produce a sound within the silence of articulation, or in some cases, absolute jibberish.

I will define words that may not be known to the reader in order to effectively illustrate my point, because most people do not speak in pantameter.

Pantameter-  a line of verse consisting of 5 metrical feet. also called elegaic pantameter. metrical feet noise.

unrhymed verse of five iambic feet; heroic verse. consisting of five metrical feet.


I call this style of writing “a buzz off my metric foot”, for any of you spelling bee’s out there. 

Musical or literally literature marks a meter on my iambic foot. I can’t stress this enough. 

A metrical foot = 8 counts

I count, ANY count

in a metric measurement.

My article is the participle of this particular kind of speech.